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Moringa Bread

Moring bread, or ‘The Incredible Hulk-bread’ for the little ones, is a very good option for those who understand the health problems of eating too much bread. Too much grain. With the right focus on ingredients in breadmaking, health benefits can be created, and it is possible to keep bread as part of a healthy diet. Use organic full grain options as much as possible.

1dl apricots split
2dl coarse rye flour (whole grain)
1dl Graham flour (whole grain)
3dl wheat flour (whole grain)
0.5dl sunflower seed
0.5dl pumpkin seeds
0.5dl flax seed
1tsp salt
5dl sour milk (alt soyghurt + squeezed lemon)
1tsk bicarbonate
1dl dark agave syrup

1. Mix all dry ingredients except the bicarbonate
2. Mix the sour milk, bicarbonate and syrup and pour this into the dry ingredients
3. Stir by hand until it is mixed (not in machinery, as it should not be stirred too much)
4. Put the batter in a mold (1 ½ L) with baking paper
5. Cook for about 2 hours in oven 175 ℃
6. Let the bread mature 8 hours before serving