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Moringa Buns

Moringa buns, or ‘The Incredible Hulk-buns’ for the little ones, are a very good option for those who understand the health problems of eating too much bread. Too much grain. With the right focus on ingredients in breadmaking, health benefits can be created, and it is possible to keep bread as part of a healthy diet.

Ingredients (about 15 buns):
5dl of water
50g yeast
2 teaspoons salt
2 tablespoons honey
0.5dl whole flax seeds
0.5dl sunflower seeds
0.5dl pumpkin seeds
1dl apricots split
2dl oatmeal
3dl coarse rye flour
2dl graham flour
Ca4dl whole wheat flour

Heat the water to 37 degrees
Stir out the yeast with some of the water
Add coconut oil, salt and honey
Work in seeds, moringa, oatmeal, rye and graham flour
Lastly, add wheat flour
Ferment under cloth for 30 min

Knead the dough on a table
Dip the top of the buns in graham flour
Ferment on plate 30 min

In the oven, 250 degrees for 12 minutes (experiment, all ovens are not equal)

Think about:
HERB HERO COCONUT OIL is heat resistant, but the nutrients of other ingredients is damaged by high heat. Do not use too much HERB HERO MORINGA, as that flavor can take over, rinse a little extra when the buns are ready. Enjoy!